Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Yesterday officially marked the first day of spring. Hooray! Since I spent most of yesterday in gym clothes, I thought I'd make up for it today. Because florals for spring? Groundbreaking. (Devil Wears Prada lovers, you're all over that reference, right?!) 
And to be honest, I'm more than happy to put on a pencil skirt and let this baby bump do it's thing because almost none of my old pants fit. And by "almost none" I mean ALL. Ha. But that means baby is growing right? Speaking of the little bug, I have my 18 week ultrasound later this week and I can't wait to see him/her again. It's been almost a month and a half since my last one and I just want to make sure baby is okay in there. Pregnancy after a miscarriage is something else you guys. The anxiety, the worry, the hand-wringing. I plan on writing a post dedicated entirely to that topic soon.

But anywho! Let's talk about the outfit below. My top and skirt are from my favorite work clothes store, The Limited, may she rest in eternal peace (!!!!). But I love this similar purple shell and this pencil skirt from Express. My blazer is old from Forever 21, but I found a ton of great similar options which I linked to below. I think my favorite is this navy floral blazer from Modcloth. My pink pumps are old too. They are from that amazing Christian Siriano and Payless collab a few years ago. (One of you loves just brought it to my attention in the comments below that Christian is STILL collaborating with Payless on a limited basis. So everyone RUN, don't walk to Payless because his designs are gorg!) My favorite look-a-likes for the pink pumps are these suede Sam Edelmans and these Nine West kitten heels. And last but not least, my necklace is from my boutique. :)


NECKLACE [Hello Gorgeous Boutique] // Exact here
TOP [The Limited] // Similar hereherehere, & here
PENCIL SKIRT [The Limited] // Similar herehere, & here
FLORAL BLAZER [Forever 21] // Similar hereherehereherehere 
[Payless] // LOVE these Sam Edelmans // Similar here here // Great kitten heels here here


  1. i have those same pumps! they are amazing!

    i was just in a payless in Illinois last week and they had new Christian Siriano heels on sale :) so as far as i know, he's still designing for them. i think he just does a few seasonal designs each year.

    1. Omg that is the best news I've heard all day!!! Thanks for the info! Must stop by Payless SOON! <3

  2. Yes, RIP The Limited, can you suggest alternative places to find a similar fit/style. Their pants were the best.

    1. I agree, The Limited made up the vast majority of my work wardrobe and I think I owned their exact stretch pants in just about every color. I have found Banana Republic's "sloan" pants to be pretty comparable in fit, but the downside is the price tag (wait for a sale) and that they're dry clean only. :/

    2. I'm still looking for an alternate place for work clothes! The sloan pants look a bit funny on me. But they might look great on others! I'll let you guys know if I find some place just as good. :)

  3. I'm also pg after a miscarriage, and yes, the anxiety is awful. My symptoms have been so mild that I should be thankful and enjoying it, but it always makes me worried that baby isn't growing anymore. Thanks for posting about this.


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