Tuesday, October 16, 2012

extreme layering.

Today I wore a skirt and a dress.  At the same time!
Not weird, right?  I like to think of it as EXTREME LAYERING.  It kind of makes it sound cooler, no? Plus, this is the closest I'll ever get to partaking in extreme anything. ;)

The dress that I layered my skirt over is too short and tight for work.  But, worn under a pencil skirt, it actually looks like a pretty cute shirt!  I took it a step further by layering on a vest and a belt.

JCrew corduroy pencil skirt worn over F21 striped dress, Banana Republic sweater vest, Etienne Aigner costa boots, H&M belt, NY&Co watch, modified Style by Tori Spelling necklace & bracelet via Jo-Ann Fabrics  

So, have you ever layered a skirt over a dress?  I'd love to hear how you styled it!


  1. Other than layering shorts and leggings for running, I typically don't do layering... Unless wearing a billion tops because I'm freezing counts ;)

    Anyway, that's such a cute outfit! I never would've known it was a dress and not a top. And you don't have to worry about whether or not your top will come untucked!

    1. Adorable!!!!! That would be a warm outfit with all those layers in the winter.

  2. Cute outfit! Looks great!



  3. Perfect outfit!! I have done this numerous times! Works like a charm! :)

  4. Very cute. You have a really nice sense of style.


  5. I LOVE that sweater vest. It doesn't look like they have it any longer at Banana Republic. Any idea where I might find something similar! Just found your blog and I love it. You have a great sense of style.

    1. Thanks, Jenn. :) This sweater vest is from last year and it was actually gifted to me. I couldn't find a lot online, but here are a few options:



      http://www.blueandcream.com/w_Sweaters_Knits/CRF10-26.html?source=shop style

    2. Thanks! I found a pretty good option at Kohl's, in case anyone else was interested. Great price too!


    3. when i saw this i was TOTALLY in love with that sweater too, so i found it on ebay! =) gotta love ebay...

      <3 stephamanie


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