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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

sweater city.

I'm always a big proponent of variety in a wardrobe.
Unless it's a very basic wardrobe building block, it's way more fun to have stand-out pieces that are unique in their own way.  Given that I generally consider sweaters a main component of the mid-western Fall/Winter wardrobe, I'm usually not one to buy fancy or cool-looking sweaters.  But, boy have I been wrong!  Unique and gorgeous sweaters is seriously where it's at.  Just take a look at some of the ones below-- I love them!!

What do you think?  Are sweaters a "building block" of an outfit or do you like your sweaters to all be unique and different?

Sweater c/o Catch Bliss Boutique (Exact here)//
Seamless cami (Exact here)//
White skinny jeans (Exact here; Similar herehereherehere)//
Taupe boots (Exact old; Similar herehere)//

Drop earrings and bangle ℅ Bip and Bip (Exact here and here)
Teal rectangle sweater c/o Catch Bliss Boutique (Exact here)//
Dark-wash skinny jeans (Exact old, from Express; Very similar here; Similar herehereherehere)//
Brown belt (Exact old; Similar herehereherehere)//
Brown riding boots (Exact old; Similar hereherehere)//

"Yasi" necklace c/o Accessory Mercado (Exact here)//
Cuffs c/o Bauble Boutique (Exact hereherehere)
Striped sweater (Exact old; Similar hereherehereherehere)//
Dark-wash skinny jeans (Exact here; Similar hereherehere)//
Grey knit shrug c/o ILY Couture (Exact here)//
Blanket scarf c/o Hawthorne Collection (Exact here)//
Taupe boots (Exact old; Similar herehere; SUPER cute pair here)//
Necklace c/o Accessory Mercado (Exact here)//
Cuffs c/o Bauble Boutique (Exact here and here)//
Spike bracelet from eBay (Similar here)


  1. I love your stripped sweaters!! in love with your style. :)


  2. 2nd outfit is my favorite!!! So cute, I wanna "Pin" you!

  3. I like having a variety of sweaters, whether they're trendy or classic.

  4. I love the top sweater! I want to order it, but nervous on the sizing and return policy. How would you say the sweater fits?

  5. Sadly, most of my sweaters are basics. I love the way you tied your scarf in the last look, the shrug looks so cozy too!


  6. That top sweater is amazing! I think I may need it.

  7. Loving the way you rock basics. They're adorable with your statement pieces, I totally need more sweaters!

  8. Hi- I saw your instagram pic of your hair and had a question- I fried my curls a few years back with a horrible relaxer treatment. I cannot for the life of me get my curl to come back right. Just wondering if you could share some of what you have been doing to repair your hair? I'm looking for ideas! thanks!

  9. I too love that top sweater! I hope Catch Bliss brings it back this season! I keep checking the website!

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