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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer Wind Down.

Toward the end of every Summer I always experience two very distinct scenarios:
1. A sudden and insatiable craving to go shopping for Fall pieces. (I already bought two pairs of boots-- no judging!=P)  
2. An urgency to wear every single thing that I won't be able to wear when cooler weather hits. (Hence the outfits below. ;)

Really though, this truly is the time to start shopping for boots.  Especially if you'd like to have plenty of options to choose from.  Many times when I've waited until later in the season to buy the boots that I really want, they're already sold out.  So, don't let that happen to you! ;)
Have a great week, Loves!! 

Anchor dress c/o Catch Bliss Boutique (Exact here)//
Pink skinny belt (Similar here & here)//
White cardigan (Similar herehere, & here)//
Pink pumps (Similar herehere, & here)//
Pearl necklace c/o Avery Lane Boutique (Exact Sold Out; Cute versions here and here)
White button up (Great options herehere, & here)//
Red ankle pants (Exact here; Similar here & here)//
White skinny belt (Love these herehere, & here)//
Holding a navy cardi (Exact here; Similar here & here)
Champagne pearl cluster necklace c/o T+J Designs (Exact here)//
Striped flats (Exact here; LOVE these pairs herehere, & here)//
Striped Aldo bag c/o Zappos (Exact here on Aldo)
Black and white polka dot blouse (Almost exact here & here; Love these versions here & here)//
White pencil skirt (Similar here, here, here, & here)//
Chunky pearl necklace (Great options here, here, & here)//
Pointy toe black pumps (Almost exact here; Similar here, and a gorgeous pair with ankle straps here)
Red sleeveless blouse (Similar herehere, & here)//
Striped skirt c/o Catch Bliss Boutique (Exact here)//
Princess Kate necklace c/o Accessory Mercado (Exact here)//
Nude pumps (Exact here; Similar herehere, & here)
Black and white animal print blouse (Similar hereherehere, & here)//
Teal pencil skirt (Similar herehere, & here)//
Black peplum jacket (Similar here & here; Other cute blazer here & here)//
Nicole necklace c/o Bauble Boutique (Exact here)//
Pointy toe black pumps (Almost exact here; Similar here, and a gorgeous pair with ankle straps here)
Red blouse c/o Flourish Boutique (Love these solid red options herehere, & here)//
Beige pencil skirt (Exact here; Similar herehere, & here)//
Nude pumps with ankle straps (Exact here (but, only available in black now); Almost exact here; Similar here & here)//
Wonka bar necklace c/o Accessory Mercado (Exact here)


  1. I love your anchor dress it is the perfect outfit to end summer in! Thank you for the boot tip as well because I've already run into some boots that I loved that were sold out! Have a great week!


  2. All very cute! Love that anchor dress!

  3. ah i have that kate middleton necklace and its absolutely amazing. i get so many compliments when i wear it and i think i scored it on ebay for $30

  4. I love the anchor dress! I'm 5'9" and teach so I have to be careful about lengths. It looks great on tall are you?

  5. Love it all, especially that anchor dress!

  6. Can you tell us which boots you bought? : )

  7. That anchor dress is so much fun! Love all these looks:)


  8. OH! You just reminded me to wear my white skirt this week. THANKS!

  9. Your looks are always flawless :)

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  10. i just discovered your blog and i love it! i read all on one weekend.... what do you suggest for a mom who's going back to work on the city and urgently needs a new wardrobe?

  11. LOVE those pencil pants! And those ankle strap pumps!

  12. Lol, same here! I already bought boots and am sporting all of my brightest colors (like neon pinks) to take advantage of the last official days of summer haha. All of these outfits are gorg (of course!), but the last one is my favorite. So beautiful. And that hair!! <3

  13. I totally love all these outfits. That said, do think any of them can still be worn for Autumn...especially for the first and brighter (leaf color) half of Fall.

    I think the neutrals and brights are all indicative of the bright Fall colors, allowing someone to 'get away' wearing these outfits after Summer. What do you think?

  14. hello Yasi! i just found your blog and i have to say that you are soooo stylish! really good job! Totally my style and ... you have so many accessories!!! wow! Big collection! Can you use the same intems in diferent outfits if its possible?

  15. I'm absolutely in love with all of these outfits! I think my favorite is by far that anchor dress. <3


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