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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crossbody Lovin.

Michael Kors Jet Set Item Flap Crossbody Purse c/o Macy's* (Exact here)//
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I don't know about you, but by the time Spring rolls around each year, I am just dying to get out of my repetitive winter uniform slump. And after months and months of wearing the same sweaters, boots, and heavy coats, I can't wait to throw on a light jacket and a pair of flats and run out the door. And really, who doesn't get excited about all the new Spring designs, colors, prints, and BAGS?! I rest my case. Springtime is the best time. 
(Other than Fall. Because, let's be honest, Fall is right up there with Spring in terms of seasonal awesome-ness.) 

This Spring season, I am absolutely loving bomber jackets and small crossbody bags. The former, I've always loved. I mean, there are very few ways that you can go wrong with a chic little fitted jacket. The latter, I've fallen in love with relatively recently. I think my love for crossbody bags came from carrying so much literal bulk on my person over the Winter. So, in preparation for my Spring wardrobe, I thought-- the less room I have to store junk in, the less clutter I will have in my purse. And the less cluttered my purse, the less time it will take for me to quickly find my phone and snap a pic of those super cute shoes that I've been eyeing. Hypothetically speaking. ;)
Give me a beautiful crossbody bag that will house just my bare essentials and I will wear that baby until it goes out of style. 

How do you guys feel about crossbody bags? Love them? Hate them? I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments!
 Check out my favorite crossbody purses from Macy's below and check out Macy's new Spring 2015 pieces here
*My love of crossbody bags and this post were made possible by Macy's and Shopstyle. <3


  1. Fabulous bag picks!


  2. I'm all about the little cross bodies right now, I love being able to have my hands free and not being weighed down.

    Kristina does the Internets

  3. Crossbody bags are my favorite. I find it a hassle to tote around a bag on my forearm, and purses frequently want to make their way off my shoulder. But crossbody? Perfection. I love the MK bags you included in this post!

  4. I love crossbody purses for spring and summer :) I found a size just perfect that fits everything I need. Check to see how I styled them <3 Ps. Love your style!!


  5. Your top reminds me of this one that I found at Kohls last week:

  6. Your outfits are so cute and it would be fun if we went shopping together lol

    a lifestyle blog on the lightful things that spark*

  7. I have been needing a crossbody! Thanks for sharing!


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  9. I love your outfits. Your blog is amazing!


  10. Love these cross bodies and that jacket is so perfect for spring! Your outfits are always so darling!

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