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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blue Maxi.

When J and I got married exactly five years ago (tomorrow!), many of our friends and family members had either already tied the knot or were in the process of planning their upcoming nuptials. But, after our wedding, there seemed to be a relative lull in wedding celebrations (which had quickly been replaced by baby showers). 
The wedding hiatus came to a screeching halt this past year when we received not one, not two, but SIX wedding invitations for the summer of 2015--four of which were going to be held out of state (Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, and California). So, after we got through the initial chaos of planning out vacation hours, plane tickets and hotel rooms, we put on our dancing shoes and decided that we would spend the next few months burning up dance floors and teaching the youngins how it's really done. Because, as my favorite Colombian blonde once proclaimed: these hips don't lie. ;)

Since posting the above pic on Instagram (from our Colorado trip/wedding), a number of people requested outfit details. Given that I had just bought the dress from Macy's a week or two prior, I thought that I would be able to easily find it online and share the link with you. But, the dress turned out to be my unicorn.
I couldn't find the exact dress anywhere, even when I searched for it by brand name. So, I did the next best thing and put together a few lists of similar dresses and accessories that I love just as much as the ones that I wore to the wedding. For those looking to purchase this exact dress, I suggest hitting up your nearest Macy's.
It might be hiding out in the clearance section!


  1. Looking fabulous!!! Love that blue!

  2. Perfect dress for a wedding. I love all your accessories too!

  3. Love it for a wedding! SIX! That is crazy. I have one wedding this year, it's in two days and I still don't know what I'm wearing.

  4. Amazing Collections, Thank you for sharing this beautiful article of latest dresses & accessories

  5. Hi Yasi!

    I'm a style blogger as well and use the blogger platform. I'm curious how you created these cool displays for the different accessories you linked... I'd love to do this but can't figure out how! Any help would be much appreciated!

    Thanks! XO Ashley

  6. The team at this place obviously loves what they do, as they were beaming the whole time, danced with us till the end of the party, and briefly joined the after party after dropping off our belongings at the hotel! We had a blast at Lincoln park wedding venues and all our guests did as well.


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