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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Moving is a piece of cake, said no one ever. As you can probably tell, life has been a little crazy for us the past few weeks. Our moving plans have changed approximately 572 times and we've had enough back and forths to last us all the way through 2017.

Even so, we've been trying to stay positive about all the changes. But I will admit it was a little tough after the second rental home fell through. Who knew the rental home market in Charlotte was so hot?!
Since John starts his new position in the beginning of January, we are trying our hardest to set a plan that we think will stick. The new-new plan is to stay in a furnished temporary apartment (NOT ideal with two dogs and a cat!) outside of Charlotte and put most of our things in storage for a couple of months until we buy a home down there. So friends, if you have any extra prayers and good joojoo in you, please send them our way in hopes that we quickly find a home that we like near John's workplace. Apparently traffic in Charlotte is awful, so finding a home that we like close to his work is key.

But onto the good stuff... the outfit below! Confession: I wore this outfit on Thanksgiving Day and a few times after that too. Hey, when you find a sweater that you absolutely love, you gotta get the most out of it, right?! And when I say that this sweater is EVERYTHING, it really is. I love the peekaboo shoulders, the vibrant color, and I especially love the way that it hangs. Love love LOVE. If you want to check it out, you can shop it directly on Catch Bliss's website. For reference, I'm wearing a small. But it comes in small, medium, and large. Happy shopping! <3


SWEATER c/o Catch Bliss Boutique [Exact]
JEANS [Forever 21] // Similar here / Great pairs here & here (Both on sale!)
BOOTS [Etienne Aigner] // Similar herehere, & here / OTK versions here & here / LOVE this bootie here
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  1. Good luck with everything!!! We had the same issues moving to Tampa. Every rental house we scheduled to see was GONE by the time we got there! I was literally in the process of applying for one when someone else already rented it. We ended up applying to one that was over our budget without even going to see it. Fortunately, we LOVE it! Traffic is awful here as well. 25 minutes to go 9 miles. I feel your pain. Have faith, it'll all work out! Sending all the good joojoo!

    1. Thanks Rachel!! It's a huge gut punch every time a rental slips through your fingers. I can't believe you guys rented without seeing the place. That takes some major faith and confidence! But I'm so glad that it worked out for you guys!! =D <3

  2. We moved from Atlanta to Charlotte 15 years ago, and we think traffic here is a piece of cake (so long as you don't have to commute from the Lake Norman area, where it gets really congested). I hope your move goes well and welcome to the Queen City!

    1. Thanks so much Susie!! We are moving from a tiny city in Michigan with ZERO traffic. So Charlotte traffic is a big change for us! Haha. <3 <3

  3. I love the bracelet!!!

  4. I love this wonderful sweater outfits. I also use jeans and boots with sweater like you. I have gone through all of your wish list and found my most favorite affordable sweater. The sweater is my best friend in fall. Really appreciable outfits. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Not sure if this helps you or not but we moved to the outskirts of charlotte. The Belmont/Gastonia area to be exact and we love it. I can actually get to any place in Charlotte faster than my friends who live in Charlotte because I don't have to deal with the traffic. Just stay away from Lake Norman or anywhere near 77 and you should be ok!

  6. It's hard to move, especially when leaving family. We had to move 20 years ago for my husband's job. It took awhile to feel at home in the new city but the move opened up so many possibilities we otherwise wouldn't have had. Good for you making this choice!

  7. I love your blog. Have been copying your looks with my own pieces for awhile. I've never been able to put outfits together until I found your blog. I do have a question about your skirts though. Where do they sit on you? I'm never sure where to have a skirt hit me to look appropriate or flattering.

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