Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Hello from Charlotte! Today I'm writing from our cramped, yet cozy, temporary living quarters close to John's workplace. Our drive down from Michigan last weekend was easy enough and the pets all handled the trip much better than we thought they would, which was a huge relief. The past week John has been at work and I have been busy filling boutique orders and setting up all of the minute little things you have to re-do when you move. Finding a good grocery store, new doctors, a new gym, the nearest Target... you know, the essentials. ;)

But in even bigger news, we bought a house!! It's a Charleston style home that has a charming front porch with double fans and a red door. TWO FANS, you guys. AND A RED DOOR. Is this real life?! It's everything that I would picture a southern home to be and I can't wait to 1. Learn how to make a mean sweet tea. 2. Drink it while sitting on the front porch. I'm so excited to show you guys pictures once we close and settle in.

One of the benefits of the past week is that I've gotten to hang out at home a lot and wear comfy clothes. No bras, messy hair, you catch my drift. It has been GLORIOUS. The best part is that the loungewear that I've been wearing are super cute and have amazing quality-- great for multi-day wear. Let me introduce you to The Bulldog Factory: cute and comfy casual clothing for weekend and everyday wear. Some of their pieces even have a little bulldog on them. How cute is that?! 

But seriously, the fabric for their sweatpants and sweatshirts is so thick and luxurious, and in my opinion, the pieces feel like they cost way more than their prices. I ordered this t-shirt, this sweatshirt, these sweatpants, and also their gorgeous Otto leather bag, which I'll get to shortly. I ordered all the clothing in a size small and like how everything is fitted. The clothing is super comfy and stylish-- an absolute must for loungewear. Although I think if I were to re-order, I might choose a medium in the sweatshirt, just because it is so fitted and I prefer my lounging sweatshirts to be a bit on the loose side. But let's talk about the bag. The bag is absolutely diiiivine.  The leather is supple and the size makes it perfect for a work bag or a gym bag. I've been using it as an everything bag this past week and it has catered to my needs beautifully. It even has little openings for pens and slits for credit cards. 
All of that being said, I'm thrilled to team up with The Bulldog Factory to offer you a 15% discount when you use code 'GORGEOUS' at checkout. PLUS, we are giving away a black leather Otto bag to ONE LUCKY WINNER! All you have to do is register for The Bulldog Factory newsletter at www.thebulldogfactory.com. The newsletter registration should pop up when you click on the linkThe winner will be announced on Valentine's Day (2/14). 

GOOD LUCK, ladies! May the odds be ever in your favor. :)


  1. I couldn't find a place to sign up for the giveaway. Could you post a link?

    1. Hi Andrea, please go to www.thebulldogfactory.com and you should get a pop up to sign up for their newsletter. You can plug in your name and e-mail and you will be registered! :)

    2. Awesome, thanks! For somer reason I wasn't receiving the pop up sign up when I went to the site before. All done!

    3. Yay! I'm glad you were able to register. :)

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  3. Welcome to Charlotte. I promise you will love it here. I do!

    1. Thank you so much, Marcia! I think I will too!! :)

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