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Monday, September 2, 2013

summer's last hoorah.

Victoria's Secret "The Abbey" triangle bikini top, Victoria's Secret "Ruched Low-rise Hipkini" bottom 
Dream Catcher Earrings c/o Feisty Christine Designs on Etsy

For years now, we've religiously spent every Labor Day Weekend at our friend's cottage on Lake Michigan.  Summer just wouldn't be summer without going to The Cottage.  This Labor Day Weekend was no different.  We spent the weekend at The Cottage with good friends, good eats, the sand, the lake, and the sun.  
And really, what more do you need in life?

And on a fashion-related note, I was really excited to wear this Victoria's Secret bikini top and bottom that I purchased at their 40% off swim sale a couple of weeks ago.  And I was even happier to complete my be beachy look with these fabulous dreamcatcher earrings c/o Feisty Christine Designs on Etsy.  I don't have a lot of boho pieces in my jewelry collection, so I was just over the moon about these earrings!   

So, how was your Labor Day Weekend, Loves?  
Did you get the most out of one of the last official "summer weekends"?


  1. What a fun tradition! Sounds like a really fun time. You look great. I TRIED to get a bikini from VS at 40% off. The bottoms did not like my butt. Or should I say, I didn't like my butt in them!

  2. Gorgeous bikini! I always loved and appreciated how VS allows you to mix and match. So many more options.


  3. These pictures look so fun! I hope you had a great time. I too snagged up a new suit and cover up during Victoria Secret's 40% off sale. They are currently shipping to me.. hope they work out!

  4. I've just discover your blog and I love it! I am your new follower. I would like you to follow me back! Kisses

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