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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Top 10 Wardrobe Staples for Fall.

It's no surprise that Fall fashion is something that I (and most other fashion-lovers) look forward to all year round.  Even though I love Summer and warm weather, my absolute favorite time of year will always be Fall.  This is partly due to the newly crisp weather and the gorgeous and ever-changing colors of the leaves.  But, the main reason for my excitement is all of the incredible clothing choices available in the Fall!  I mean, come on, who doesn't get giddy about playing around with tons of layers?  
The options are positively endless!!

So, I have put together my "Top 10 Basics for Fall".  Basically, it's a compilation of the wardrobe staples that I will be wearing over and over again this season, with tons of ways to mix and match them (more than 2 week's worth!).  I've also provided links to a ton of look-a-likes, so you too can buy any of these pieces.  
With that said, happy shopping and happy Autumn!!

The 10 Best Fall Basics
Chambray button-up (Exact here; Similar here, here, here, here)//
Striped sweater (Exact here; Similar here, here, here)// 
Maroon cardigan (Exact here; Similar here, here)// 
Skinny corduroy pants (Exact here; Similar here, here, here, here)//
Mustard yellow pencil skirt (Exact here; Similar here, here, here)// 
Multi-color skirt (Exact sold out at Target Online, but may be available in stores; similar here, here)// 
Riding boots (Exact here; Similar here, here, here)// 
Leopard print flats (Exact here; Similar here, here, here, here, here)//
Pointy toe black pumps (Exact here; Similar here, here, here)// 
Multi-color scarf (Exact here; Similar here, here, here, here)
(The pieces here are inspiration pieces.  I have similar-looking styles in my wardrobe, but not necessarily the exact ones shown here.)

Chambray Chic

Mix it Up

skirts galore

cords away!


  1. I am totally one of those Fall fashion lovers... bring on the boots and knits! So many good combos here, Yasi. I love those riding boots!

    xo, alison*elle

  2. I have a lot of these pieces already. Thanks for some new ideas!

  3. love the print shoes,great stuff :)

  4. I totally agree on all these fall fashion musts! I'm still trying to find the perfect mustard skirt!
    Lauren from Modern Modesty

  5. Oh my gosh, this is so perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.

    Also, I love to see other bloggers from MI!

  6. some of the links seem to be re-directing to the incorrect item. Not sure if it is just me but couldn't get them all to point to the correct item. For example, the skinny pants "exact" items links to the JCPenny site for a cardigan.

    1. Same here... the riding boot link goes to the Loft site for skirts.

  7. these are such great pieces and perfect staples for fall!
    xoxo, jillian

  8. You never fail to inspire me and today is no exception! Thanks!

    The Baby Giraffe

  9. Fall is definitely my favorite season for fashion!! So many great pieces. Loving those boots you showed :)

  10. ohhh I want that gorgeous pencil skirt!! xo

  11. All of these outfits are great and I can see you rocking each of them!


  12. These are great choices- all classic and sophisticated pieces. I would expect nothing less from you! I love how you gave various options for pairing each piece. I hope you don't mind me linking over to one of your recent looks today in my Express roundup!

    On the Daily Express

  13. Pleeeease make more of these :) I found the paisley skirt at Target and on the rack it was something I never would have picked up but I like how it looked on me and I got tons of compliments, including "you have great taste" haha!

  14. All stunning photos as display for the seasonal times. Excellent i think. Thanks from Mobile Marketing

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  16. Do you have any suggestions for flats that you can wear with socks for when it gets cold out? I love ballet shoes but you can't really wear socks with those and my feet get freeezing! :)

    1. What about oxfords? You can wear them with or without socks, I'd think.

      Or loafers? But I feel like oxfords look a bit less casual.

  17. Is this kind of what you did for Redbook? I like #12. :-)

  18. Thanks so much for this post, I bought the skirt and maroon cardigan at Target and I've gotten so many compliments, including "you have such great taste!" lol


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