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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas lists & this week's looks.

'Tis the time to write Christmas lists!  How are y'all doing on putting yours together?  Are you having a hard time or do you know exactly what you want? 
I'm almost always in the latter group.  I think part of the reason is that when I first start thinking of what I "need", I come to the conclusion that I am so fortunate to have all of the really necessary things in life: food, love, clothes on my back, and a roof over my head. I don't need anything.  Not one thing. Ever again.  

But, then I get asked "Okay, well, if you don't need anything, then what would you like?" 
What would I *like*?  Well, I can think of a million things that I'd LIKE! Sweaters, boots, tennis shoes, stuff for the house, a new computer, a new phone… and then before I know it, I get overwhelmed with ranking which things things I'd like more than others and trying to predict what my gift-givers' budget is.  So, most of the time, I take the easy way out and just say "GIFT CARDS, please!".
But, there really is something so fun about receiving a gift that you didn't specifically ask for-- an actual surprise!  Because at the end of the day, you're receiving something special from someone that you love-- what could be better than that?!

Yellow top (Exact old; Pretty much exact hereCute ones hereherehere here)//
Tweed blazer ℅ Eden Revolution (Exact here)//
The Limited Skinny Pants (Exact old; Similar herehere herehere)//
Leopard print ankle boots (Exact here; Similar hereherehere)//
Stella & Dot Renegade bracelet  Erika Lehman//
Watch  Wristology Watches  (Exact here)//
Sequin patch tunic & leatherette leggings ℅ Avery Lane (Exact here & here)//
Black jacket ℅ Sugar Love Boutique (Exact old; Almost exact here; Super cute here,  hereherehere//
Black riding boots (Exact here; Similar hereherehere)//
Necklace from eBay
Teal dress ℅ Flourish Boutique (Exact here)//
Embellished scarf (Exact old; Similar hereherehere)//
Black opaque tights (Exact here)//
Skinny gold belt (Exact here; Similar herehere)//
Leopard print ankle boots (Exact here; Similar hereherehere)//
"Be Present" bracelet c/o Ali Oesch Jewelry (Exact here)//
Stella & Dot Renegade bracelet ℅ Erika Lehman//
Crystal serenity earrings ℅ Wild Butterfly Boutique (Exact here)
Off shoulder top and poncho ℅ Catch Bliss Boutique (Exact here & here)//
Black pencil skirt (Almost exact here; Similar herehere, here, here)//
Black opaque tights (Exact here)//
Black ankle boots (Exact here; Similar here, here, here, here)//
Wide stretch belt (Exact old; Similar here, herehere)
Stella & Dot Renegade bracelet ℅ Erika Lehman//
Watch  Wristology Watches  (Exact here)
Top from Old Navy (Exact old)//
Dark-wash skinny jeans (Exact old, from Express; Very similar hereSimilar herehereherehere)//

Jean jacket (Exact old; Similar hereherehere)// 
Pink suede boots (Exact old; Cute pink wedges here)//
Chevron bangle set ℅ Wild Butterfly Boutique (Exact here)//
Necklace from eBay
Plaid button-up (Exact here; Similar hereherehere,  herehere)//
Green cardi (Exact old; Similar hereherehereherehere)//
Dark-wash skinny jeans (Exact here; similar hereherehere)//
Taupe boots (Exact old; Similar herehereherehere)//Pearl cluster necklace C/O T+J Designs (Exact here)//
Watch c/o Wristology Watches  (Exact here)//
Stella & Dot Renegade bracelet c/o Erika Lehman


  1. You basically nailed my entire winter wardrobe: sequins, leopard, and elbow patches! Love it!

    It's my blog's anniversary and i'm hosting a $50 Macy's giveaway. I'd love for you to enter, check it out here!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  2. I am drooling over the red and black outfit!! Can I move into your closet?!?!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Great plaid shirt! And that red top with the sequin sleeves...LOVE! Party ready!!


  4. ok, that red tunic??!! Amazing! I'm heading over to check it out now.


  5. Loving those sequin elbow patches!!

  6. Love the plaid outfit! Featured similar feminine plaid pieces on today.


  7. 5th outfit: link for the necklace please?!! :))

  8. I love your leopard print booties! I bought the tall cognac boots you wore in a lot of posts last year, and haven't found an outfit they don't look great with! I am gonna wear them out!

  9. thank you for share with us like this post and oufits

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  11. Oh WOW! Your dress designs are looking fabulous. I really appreciated your dressing sense and elbow patch. Your style always inspires me to try different with my clothing and get rid of boring dresses.

    where to find embroidered patches
    where to find back patches

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