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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hello Gorgeous/Avery Lane Exclusive Look!

In trying to keep up with the blog more, it also seems fitting to get back to the Hello Gorgeous/Avery Lane Exclusive Look. 
And this month's look is seriously awesome, if I may say so myself! It also feeds right into my current vest addiction. Honestly, if you've been looking for a military style vest that is high quality and gorgeous, look no further. This is IT, my friends.
Plus, the watch and the purse? LOVE. The purse is the perfect color and the watch has just the right amount of quirk. 
I know you're going to love them!!
To purchase this exact vest, watch, and/or purse check out Avery Lane Boutique
Happy shopping! :)

Black and white plaid button-up (Similar herehere, & here)//
Military vest c/o Avery Lane Boutique (Exact here)
Yellow pencil skirt (Similar here; Love this floral version here)
Two-tone riding boots (Similar here & here)//
Skinny brown belt (Similar here & here)//
Watch c/o Avery Lane Boutique (Exact here)//
Rhinestone necklace (Love these ones here and here, & this daintier one here)//
Messenger bag c/o Avery Lane Boutique (Exact here)


  1. Replies
    1. The outfit and the cloths were looking good and amazing hope will be bought very soon and now working to do my accounting quiz for my upcoming projects. last time I work on it and enjoy it a lot.


  3. Must have that vest!! And I love how you belted it too!

  4. Thats an amazing colour skirt, love it.

    X x

  5. GREAT Outfit! Love that vest!

    - Sarah :)

  6. love it!!

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