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Sunday, November 2, 2014

One Extra Hour.

I didn't realize that today was Day Light Savings until late last night. And because of that one extra glorious hour of sleep, I woke up feeling refreshed and like a whole new person. 
I even finished chores that I had been needing to work on for weeks. 

And since I'm on a's what I've been wearing lately!

Ivory blouse (Similar here, herehere, & here)//
Red ankle pants (Similar here, here & here)//
"Arabelle" vest c/o Catch Bliss Boutique (Exact here)
Patterned satin scarf (Exact here; Similar here)//
Tortoise shell watch c/o Wristology Watches (Exact here)//
Black riding boots (Great options here, here, & here)//
Pyramid stud cuff ℅ Stella & Dot stylist Erika Lehman (Exact here)//
Tortoise shell watch c/o Wristology Watches (Exact here)
Elephant blouse c/o Our World Boutique (Exact here)//
Skinny dress pants (Exact here; Similar here and here)//
5 Flower Statement Necklace c/o Our World Boutique (Exact here)//
Pink pumps (Similar herehere, & here)//
Pyramid stud cuff ℅ Stella & Dot stylist Erika Lehman (Exact here)

White button-up shirt (Similar hereherehere, & here)//
Floral dress c/o TeodoraB (Exact here)//
Black tights (Exact here)
Skinny black watch (Similar here & here)//
"Fall Lines" earrings c/o Button Down Accessories (Exact here)//
Black booties (Similar herehere, herehere)
Plaid "Lilly" top c/o Catch Bliss Boutique (Exact here)
Navy sheath dress (Similar hereherehere, here)//
Champagne pearl cluster necklace c/o T+J Designs (Exact here)//
Burgundy riding boots (Similar here,  here here)//
Skinny black watch (Similar here & here)


  1. I love that first look! I need to get me one of those vests!

  2. Is the JCrew inspired herringbone vest a cloth material or more of a shiny slick type of material?

    1. I am wondering this too! It looks more swishy here than in other pictures I've seen.

    2. Hi, girls! It's more of a shiny/swishy material. :)

  3. Elephants!! YES!!! But the floral dress with the dress shirt is simply perfection.


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  4. How do you keep your button downs smooth and comfortable underneath a dress?

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