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Thursday, February 18, 2016

My All-Time Favorite Work Pant.

Navy | 2 Grey | 3 Black (ankle length) | 4 Dark grey
Red | 6 Beige plaid |7 Pink polka dot | 8 Turquoise

If I could create the perfect skinny pant for work from scratch, I wouldn't have to.
That's because The Limited has already made them (and is selling them by the boatload, I'm sure).
As I mentioned in my last post, I discovered these pants a few years ago and fell hard and fast in love. I'm pretty short (5'2") and have a small frame. But thanks to my Persian genes and body, I don't have a straight up and down stick figure body type. (Don't let the outfit pics fool you. I use a $5 mirror that I'm pretty sure lengthens my body in the pics. Plus I try to dress my figure so that everything fits well and looks lean and balanced.) Basically what I'm saying is that even though I'm petite, I have curves. And it's important to me that my clothes work with my figure, not the other way around.

But back to the point of this post: I really like the look of skinny pants for work.
I think they can look more modern than regular wide-legged slacks and they are perfect for tucking into work-appropriate boots (important for those of us living in areas with cooler weather!).
Given that I am fond of skinny dress pants, I have tried on my fair share of different brands. And, without fail, I always come back to the Limited Exact Stretch skinnies. The material is thick enough so that it covers any lumps and bumps, but it's not heavy. They also don't wrinkle very easily, which is awesome. The best part of these pants is that they are fitted, but they are very forgiving and feel like they are actually made for a real woman's body, not a manikin. Imagine that!
Generally, I wear the Regular length. But, they also offer them in Petite and Tall on their website. I do own a couple pairs of these pants in Petite. But I have found that the Regular length fits me better in the crotch area (is there a more appropriate way to say this???! Sorry for the TMI.). If I want to go for a more 'ankle length' look, I just cuff the bottom of my Regular length Exact Stretch pants.
More recently these pants are also being offered in a 'high waist' option. I will be 100% honest with you and say that I tried them on and was horrified with four out of the five high-waist ones that I tried on. They just did not hit me in the right places. Their pockets were different than the regular Exact Stretch Skinny Pants (more on the sides of my thighs) and they made me look like I had saddle bags. I did, however, end up keeping this high-waist pair in cobalt blue. I have no clue why the blue ones fit well and the other ones didn't. But, I'm not going to question it because they're a really pretty color and I already took the tags off. Ha. 

Overall, the Exact Stretch Skinny Pants are a great fit, the material in fabulous, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they last FOREVER. Seriously, I still consistently wear the first pair I ever bought. They are black. And we all know that black pants have a tendency to fade over time. These babies have not faded and they've kept their shape. Although I will note that I dry clean all of my work pants, skirts, and blazers. So I think that definitely adds to their lifespan.

Anyway, if you already own these pants you know exactly what I'm talking about. They are heaven-sent.
If you haven't tried them, do yourself a favor and check them out. 
I own way too many of them to count and my collection just keeps on growing (see the damage from last week: blue, grey, turquoise, & orange (sold out)). And this confession would be a little embarrassing if only they weren't so ridiculously AWESOME.
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  1. Yasi - I have been on the hunt for a pair of slim fitting dress pants so I am so thankful for this post! I am hoping to find one pair that actually FITS and buy them in every color! Haha. I wanted to ask if you've found that other brands slim dress pants (or even other styles at The Limited) fit oddly in the crotch (haha) as well? I feel like every pair I try on (NY&Co, Express, etc) they fall weird/bunchy at the knee area, and there is too much fabric or it doesn't sit well in the crotch area. It drives me crazy! I constantly feel like there's this weird cinching or something near that area and that the fabric doesn't fall nicely and form to my body.

  2. Reading this as I'm wearing my black exact stretch pants! I own them in black, grey, khaki, and navy. I agree with all of your assessments. They are truly awesome!!

  3. I find shopping for dress pants to be even worse than jean shopping, so this is super helpful. I did just place a Limited order that I'm waiting on so I may have to add a pair of these to my next order!

  4. They sure look nice.

  5. I'm wearing a pair right now! They are great for curvy figures. The turquoise ones are calling my name..

  6. YES! These are my favorite pants, but when I bought my first pair in black it was so difficult to find another solid pair that wasn't too colorful for work. Sounds like they have expanded their colors now!

    1. Yes! They have so many colors now. And they rotate with the seasons. So, I always try to buy the ones that I like right away. Haha.

  7. I love these pants, but the only problem I have is that they rarely carry any of the fun colors in tall. But I've got them in gray, black, and navy, and wear them all the time!

  8. I actually ordered some of these last week and just got them today! Sadly they don't fit me well... I have a long slender body with no booty (which is where the problem lies - too much extra fabric in my butt area). I really wanted to like these! So bummed, but thanks for the recommendation!

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  10. it is better if that white dress have nice design!

    long white dress

  11. To Yasi and the other ladies who commented about owning these:
    My problem with skinny dress pants is that the waist is always too big. When I get them to fit my legs I usually have a 3-4 inch gap in the waist of the pants or have trouble keeping them pulled up all day. Do you find that these have a large waist or stretch out during the day ? I would love to find a pair that just hold their shape and look nice even after 8 hours at my desk. Thanks!

  12. Thank you for recommending these! I just bought 2 pairs! I've been searching for pants like these for years! I'm 5'2" and the 0 short fit perfectly. I'm going to have to order more online because the store only had black and grey for petites!

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  14. Great article! I love the information you have shared here. I also, prefer to wear skinny chino pants. These look fantastic.


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