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Saturday, September 1, 2012

dressing for an outdoor sporting event and NOT taking a purse.

Football season is here!  Yaaaaaaay.  Do I mean that?  I'm not sure.  Ask me in 4 months when it's freezing and I am tailgating in the bitter Michigan cold with icicles hanging from my Spartan face sticker. 
This may seem silly, but, dressing for a football game (or any outdoor game) and tailgating can sometimes be a challenge.  Our alma mater now has a new (stupid) rule in which you are not allowed to have a bag, purse, or umbrella of ANY kind.  The first time I heard this I freaked out: WHAT?!  Where am I going to put my ID/credit card, my phone, my lipgloss, my compact? What if my nose runs and I need kleenex?  What if I get a HUGE headache and need medicine?  What if I don't have my camera-- WON'T THE WORLD END?!!! THAT'S IT, I can't go to the game if I can't take my purse.

Yes, that really was my train of thought.  I'm that much of a spaz sometimes.  But, you'll be happy to know that somehow I've come up with a few ways that allow me to still stay fashionable and prepared WITHOUT taking my purse.  

Here's what I've learned:
1.  Take only a few things that are absolutely necessary for you to feel good and prepared.
2.  Skip the skinny jeans.  Wear jeans that are comfortable and roomy so that you can utilize the pockets.  Guys do this all the time-- it works!  But, if you love your skinny jeans, take a coat that will do the same job (see suggestion 3).
3.  If it's cold, take a jacket or sweater with pockets that zip.  You can use those pockets to store your stuff.
4.  My essentials are: 
-lipgloss in a tube
-MAC blotting powder compact
-a small tube of eye drops (my contacts get dry)
-1 or 2 sheets of kleenex (I get sniffly often)
-4 Advils (or whatever pain med you prefer)
-driver's license and credit card
-camera-- but, if and only if you are also taking a coat/sweatshirt with a pocket.  There's no way that you can store a camera in your pant pockets (with the rest of that crap) and still feel comfortable!  This is coming from a girl that's seriously attached to her camera.  You can take pictures on your phone.  Just go with it.

>>>I tuck the lipgloss in my right-front pocket, closest to the inside of my thigh.  I put the Advil in the little tiny pocket that no one knows the purpose of.  I place the eye drops in the inside of my left-front pocket.  My compact goes in my left-back pocket.  And my ID/credit card/kleenex/phone get placed in my right-back pocket.  TA-DA! 

I know that sounds like a lot.  But, if you spread it all out to the different pockets in your roomy jeans and jacket, you can carry your essentials and skip the purse. 
And last but not least, always remember to take your team spirit!!  (A team face sticker or two won't hurt either!)

MSU jersey, Charlotte Russe boyfriend jeans, Banana Republic Belt, Target Ona flats


  1. Great post! I love my fleece with the zipper pockets. You can shove so much in there and nothing can fall out. I also have this cute little cell phone holder from back in the flip phone days, it has a pocket with a velcro flap where your phone would have gone and then a zipper pocket for cash/cards/id. I stick lip gloss, some tissues, etc in the velcro part and shove it all in a jacket pocket.

  2. Thank you! Pockets with zippers are the best. :)

  3. i somehow made it through most of college without carrying a purse during the daytime. I don't know what I was thinking because my pocket contents resembled yours, except they were like that every single day. And I wore skinny jeans.


    Kristina does the Internets


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