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Saturday, September 29, 2012

how to "winterize" a summer dress.

F21 dress & jacket, Banana Republic belt, Etienne Aigner Costa boots, gifted scarf, watch via Kohl's
I am a big fan of multi-purpose clothing.  In fact, I usually don't buy pieces that I know I can only wear in a unique way, or with only a certain set of accessories.  Naturally, I also love clothing that can cross seasons.  Hey, if you can get more wear out of what you already have in your closet.  Why not?!

So, without further adieu,here are some things I've learned along the seasons on "winterizing" a Summer dress:

1.  Print and color matter. It's much easier to get multi-season wear out of a piece whose color/print don't scream a certain season.  I would probably not attempt to "winterize" a pastel floral dress. Actually, I probably wouldn't wear a pastel floral dress.  But, that's for another time!

2.  Texture matters.  But, only sometimes.  I have a light wool grey sheath dress that I have worn in all seasons.  It's not too hot, so it works.  If a dress is okay in print and color, but it's a little too thin or light, throw a slip under it.  It will keep you warm and give you an extra layer of fabric.  

3.  Warm up the look with a jacket or sweater.  Not only will a jacket or sweater help you keep warm, it will make the look more Fall or Winter appropriate.

4.  Add a big scarf!  Big, heavy, scarves scream Fall (and Winter!).  Throw one on.  Even better?  Try some pattern mixing!

5.  Throw on some boots (tights are good, too!).  Boots & tights are Fall/Winter staples.  Some "winterized" looks are even cute without tights.  So, experiment a bit and see what looks better!

6.  Belt it.  Belting a dress gives it a little bit more weight and can add some edge and heaviness to a look.

6.  Chunky accessories.  Chunky accessories are great for making a dress look less dainty and heavier and "warmer".  Watches are my fave for Fall & Winter!

I have now imparted all my "winterizing" knowledge upon you.  Go forth and Winterize, my friends!  (And let me know if you have any extra tips!)


  1. super cute! I also love pairing shorter summer dresses over jeans w cardis and booties

  2. Those boots just make EVERY outfit! And your style is so like one of my close friends over here.
    I could never pull off the stuff you wear and whenever I come here I want to say; Hello Gorgeous, and then i remember your blog is that :p
    Love you angel and hope all is well in your wonderland of loveliness <3

  3. Thanks, Kristen! Summer dress with cardis and booties sound adorable!

  4. Rach- that is so funny about your friend! Love you so much! <3

  5. Cute outfit! I love the scarf and boots!



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