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Sunday, September 9, 2012

sunday round-up: outlet haul (with pix!)

Hello, Gorgeous ones!
How was your weekend?  Friday night hubs and I dined at this cute little Indian restaurant(YUM!).  Saturday was spent at the outlet mall.  It was supposed to be mostly for buying work clothes for J, but yeah... that didn't happen!  There were great deals and so I ended up picking up a few things as well.  

Whenever I shop, I try to dress as comfortably as possible while still looking fashionable.  I wore a simple tank, jeans, comfy flats, and a leather jacket.  I also brought a roomy purse to contain my scarf (in case I get cold!), granola bars, water, and other necessities.  

Banana Republic tank, Express Zelda skinny jeans, leather jacket from Italy trip, black ballet flats, Coach bag
J's purchases included sports wear from Puma, Adidas, and Under Armour.  He also scored a few nice sweaters from Banana Republic and JCrew and a pair of great jeans from Banana Republic.

I also got lucky with sales, and it helped that we went early-- we got the good stuff first!  

I purchased:
-JCrew corduroy pencil skirt that I had been eyeing for some time ($25)
-Banana Republic khaki pencil skirt ($25)
-Old Navy chambray shirt ($0.97--  YES, 97 cents! I don't know how this happened, but apparently it was on super clearance.  Either way WOOHOO!!!!!!)
-Banana Republic embellished chain link necklace ($20)
-Two cardigans from GAP ($15 each!)

Pictured: GAP Factory Cardis, Banana Republic Factory necklace & khaki pencil skirt, and JCrew Factory Corduroy Pencil Skirt
Old Navy Chambray Button-Up

So, all in all, I spent about $100 and bought so many amazing pieces!  And I can't even describe how excited I am to style these looks and share them with you!!

Oh, and before I forget, check out my "threads" tab to see what I wore during the week! 

Have a fantastic Sunday!!


  1. Um, say what?! That button up from Old Navy is super cute!

    I love the price and the fact you got your cardigans at the GAP, but sadly our GAP was taken out of our mall :( (or they're renovating it, I can't quite remember it's been a couple of months.) Where else you can/ or do you find good cardigans that are easy on the wallet?

  2. Thanks, Jess! That's too bad about your GAP. I actually got these cardis at our GAP outlet. I tend to find nice and decently priced cardis at NY&Co and most recently Old Navy. They've got some great ones right now. Good luck!

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